Prior to the Island Discography (1973-1980), The Wailers recorded 216 songs with various producers. The goal of this website is to simplify The Wailers' complicated discography by bringing you the tools to choose the appropriate records for your collection.

Between 2001 and 2006, I spent several hundred hours analysing numerous Wailers CDs and vinyls available on the market. I'm still updating this research, when I find new information. The research was done for personal purpose at first but after spending so much time on it, decided to share it and created this website.

First launched in April 2006, this website is still under construction. I work on it in my spare times, along with other reggae websites. In March 2007, I put online the first visual part of my research with the OVERVIEW section. There is also an unfinished version of the section FACTS, that will tell you major events that occured between 1962-1972 in the Wailers career. If you wish to consult more Wailers websites, I will redirect you to some of my favorite in the LINKS section.

The main part of this website lies in the COMPLETE RESEARCH section, where PDF documents of my research are available.

Hope you enjoy!