Island/Tuff Gong
code: 314 548 894-2
country: Canada (issued in several countries)
release date: October 19, 1973 (Remastered CD: June 12, 2001)
media: CD
booklet: 16 pages....(15 pictures)
liner notes: none
Get Up, Stand Up 1973 3m19s
02. Hallelujah Time 1973 3m33s
03. I Shot The Sheriff 1973 4m41s
04. Burnin' And Lootin' 1973 4m18s
05. Put It On 1973 4m00s
06. Small Axe 1973 4m02s
07. Pass It On 1973 3m35s
08. Duppy Conqueror 1973 3m47s
09. One Foundation 1973 3m43s
10. Rasta Man Chant 1973 3m48s
10. Reincarnated Souls 1973 3m45s
11. No Sympathy 1973 3m11s
12. The Oppressed Song 1973 3m16s
Personal appreciation of the product
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liner notes:
design: 5/5
note: The second album recorded for Island Records. Another excellent one. The album features I SHOT THE SHERIFF which will be coverd by Eric Clapton in 1974 and reached No.1. This would be the last album recorded with Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh.Promoting this album didn't went as expected: the cold and snowy weather did not pleased Peter and Bunny. Out of the 26-Tour Dates, only four concerts were done. Bunny Wailer clearly wasn't ready for the sacrifices to go on tour. As for Peter Tosh, he felt it was time for him to go and pursue his solo career. So the tension that surrounded the Burnin' Tour was enough to dismember The Wailers.

The 16-page booklet is a very nice adaptation of the original gatefold sleeve. It includes the lyrics in rasta colors: red, gold and green. The pictures are usually too small. Unfortunately, it looks like the original pictures are lost, as the one features here are blurry when used at a large scale. The Remastered Edition replace the 1988 CD released which was unapropriate and deceiving with it's 4-page booklet. This album contains new versions of four songs that were previously recorded for other producers: PUT IT ON (1965, 1968 and 1970), SMALL AXE (1971), PASS IT ON (1970) and DUPPY CONQUEROR (1970).

The only single that was issued in Jamaica for that album was: RASTAMAN CHANT, backed with BURNIN' AND LOOTIN'. The only UK single that was issued was: GET UP STAND UP. There was also a UK promo single issued for I SHOT THE SHERIFF, backed with PASS IT ON and DUPPY CONQUEROR.

This remastered CD contains three bonus tracks, the first one, REINCARNATED SOULS was featured on the B-side of CONCRETE JUNGLE in UK. It is issued here for the first time on CD. The two other tracks were also recorded during the Burnin' sessions, but were kept in the vault for 28 years. In my oppinion, the song NO SYMPATHY is far from being as strong as the Lee Perry take, recorded in 1970: the synthetizer is too much predominant, which spoil the song. As for THE OPPRESSED SONG, sang by Bunny Wailer: it is a very nice version, but enough different from the one we already knew, the one Bunny recorded three years later for his first solo album. But can be considered a nice addition to your Wailers collection.

A Deluxe Edition of this album was issued in September 2004. The bonus CD includes the 1973 Leeds Polytechnic concert plus a few extra gems for the fans.
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