Island/Tuff Gong
code: 314 548 898-2
country: Canada (issued in several countries)
release date: June 3, 1977 (Remastered CD: November 13, 2001)
media: CD
booklet: 16 pages....(7 pictures)
liner notes: none
Natural Mystic 1977 3m27s
02. So Much Things To Say 1977 3m08s
03. Guiltiness 1977 3m19s
04. The Heathen 1977 2m32s
05. Exodus 1977 7m40s
06. Jamming 1977 3m31s
07. Waiting In Vain 1977 4m16s
08. Turn Your Lights Down Low 1977 3m39s
09. Three Little Birds 1977 3m00s
10. One Love/People Get Ready 1977 2m56s
11. Jamming (long version) 1977 5m55s
12. Punky Reggae Party (12-inch mix) (edit version) 1977 6m52s
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design: 5/5
note: In 2001, Time Magazine named 'Exodus' the best album of the century: 'Every song is a classic, from the message of love to the anthem of revolution... But more than that, the album is a political and cultural nexus, drawing inspiration from the Third World and then given voice to it the world over'. The album was composed after Bob Marley left Jamaica in December 1976 and established himself in UK, in exhile after gunmen try to kill him days before the Smile Jamaica comcert. His exile from his native island last until April 1978. This album present Marley at the peak of his songwriting. With this album, he was even established as the Third World first superstar. In the UK alone, the album stayed on the chart for 56 consecutive weeks.

The only song that Bob Marley takes from his early days to this album, is the Studio One hit ONE LOVE, from 1965. He mix it with Curtis Mayfield's PEOPLE GET READY. The song PUNKY REGGAE PARTY was recorded for Lee Perry and was only issued on a 7-inch and 12-inch singles in 1977. It was issued on CD for the first time in 1995, but only on limited edition CD singles.

The only single that was issued in Jamaica for this album is: EXODUS. The singles that were issued in UK are: EXODUS, WAITING IN VAIN and JAMMING.

The remastered edition has a very nice 16-page booklet that inlcude all the lyrics, compared to the unapropriate and deceiving 4-page booklet included in the initial 1988 CD edition (re-issued until the Remastered Edition came out in 2001).

Note that a Deluxe Edition of this album was issued in October 2001. The bonus material includes: ROOTS, WAITING IN VAIN (alternate), JAMMING (version), EXODUS (version), PUNKY REGGAE PARTY (12-inch), PUNKY REGGAE PARTY (dub), KEEP ON MOVING, KEEP ON MOVING (dub) plus 7 live tracks recorded at The Rainbow in June 1977.
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