Island/Tuff Gong
code: 314 548 899-2
country: Canada (issued in several countries)
release date: March 23, 1978 (Remastered CD: July 31, 2001)
media: CD
booklet: 16 pages....(9 pictures)
liner notes: none
Easy Skanking 1978 2m58s
02. Kaya 1978 3m15s
03. Is This Love 1978 3m52s
04. Sun Is Shining 1978 4m58s
05. Satisfy My Soul 1978 4m32s
06. She's Gone 1978 2m25s
07. Misty Morning 1978 3m33s
08. Crisis 1978 3m54s
09. Runing Away 1978 4m15s
10. Time Will Tell 1978 3m33s
11. Smile Jamaica (version) 1976 5m03s
Personal appreciation of the product
songs selection:
liner notes:
design: 3.5/5 (except for the cover 5/5)
note: Kaya is an ode to Ganja, the Jamaican term for marijuana. All the songs included on this album were recorded at the same sessions of the songs featured on Exodus. While the Exodus album started with an heavy side (a-side) and finished with a light side (b-side), Kaya is just the opposite.

The album contains new versions of three songs that were previously recorded for other producers: KAYA (1971), SUN IS SHINING (1970), SATISFY MY SOUL (aka: DON'T ROCK MY BOAT (1968, 1971)). The bonus track SMILE JAMAICA was recorded specifically for the Smile Jamaica Concert, that took place on December 5, 1976. That specific VERSION was included on the B-side of the single SATISFY MY SOUL, in May 1978.

It looks like no singles were issued in Jamaica for that album. But for the caribbean, Barbados as issued a single for IS THIS LOVE, backed with CRISIS (VERSION). The singles that were issued in UK are: IS THIS LOVE (with CRISIS (VERSION) on the B-side) and SATISFY MY SOUL.

The remastered edition has a nice 16-page booklet compare to the initial CD release dating back from 1988, that came with a 8-page black & white booklet. The design of the CD sleeve is quite simple, close to disapointing. I know that Universal tried their best to respect the original album sleeve design, but this one is far from being the nicest one in the Remastered Collection. The drawing of the spliff on the back of the sleeve was redrawn, probably because the original artwork couldn't be find.
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