Island/Tuff Gong
code: 314 548 902-2
country: USA (issued in several countries)
release date: June 10, 1980 (Remastered CD: July 31, 2001)
media: CD
booklet: 12 pages....(6 pictures)
liner notes: none
Coming In From The Cold 1980 4m31s
02. Real Situation 1980 3m08s
03. Bad Card 1980 2m50s
04. We And Dem 1980 3m14s
05. Work 1980 3m41s
06. Zion Train 1980 3m36s
07. Pimper's Paradise 1980 3m27s
08. Could You Be Loved 1980 3m57s
09. Forever Loving Jah 1980 4m02s
10. Redemption Song 1980 3m53s
11. Redemption Song (band version) 1980 4m50s
12. Could You Be Loved (12-inch mix) 1980 5m25s
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design: 5/5
note: The is the last Bob Marley & The Wailers album. It was issued in June 1980. The sound is a little more polish on this one. It contains the the hit COULD YOU BE LOVED. The tour brought him for the first time in Africa. The band also toured most of central Europe. During the US Tour, Bob Marley collapsed while jogging in Central Park, in New York. He was suffering from what was an apparent brain tumour.His last performance was a few days later in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Just by looking at the picture on the back sleeve, anyone could notice that Bob Marley was not in the best of shape. Having been diagnosed to have a severe foot injury in 1977, he was suggested that his toe should be amputated, but Bob decided to use medicinal herbs instead. The doctor suggested that he should have a check-up every three months, which everybody kind of forgot. Marley passed away on May 11, 1981.

The singles that were issued for this album in Jamaica were: COMING IN FROM THE COLD, BAD CARD and REDEMPTION SONG. The singles that were issued in UK are: COULD YOU BE LOVED and REDEMPTION SONG.

The remastered edition has a very nice 12-page booklet , compared to the unapropriate and deceiving 4-page booklet included in the initial 1988 CD edition (re-issued until the Remastered Edition came out in 2001).
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