Island/Tuff Gong
code: 314 548 903-2
country: USA (issued in several countries)
release date: May 23, 1983 (Remastered CD: July 31, 2001)
media: CD
booklet: 12 pages....(7 pictures)
liner notes: none
Chant Down Babylon (1983' remix) 1979 2m36s
02. Buffalo Soldier (1983' remix) 1978 4m17s
03. Jump Nyabinghi (1983' remix) 1979 3m44s
04. Mix Up, Mix Up (1983' remix) 1979 5m02s
05. Give Thanks & Praises (1983' remix) 1980 3m16s
06. Blackman Redemption (1983' remix) 1978 3m33s
07. Trench Town (1983' remix) 1980 3m12s
08. Stiff Naked Fools (1983' remix) 1979 3m25s
09. I Know (1983' remix) 1976 3m20s
10. Rastaman Live Up! (1983' remix) 1978 5m27s
11. Buffalo Soldier (1983' remix) (12-inch mix) 1978 7m37s
Personal appreciation of the product
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liner notes:
design: 3/5 (except for the cover 5/5)
note: This album was issued two years after Bob Marley passed away. It is a compilation of unachived songs songs that were left overs on previous albums, excluding BLACKMAN REDEMPTION and RASTAMAN LIVE UP!, two opus recorded for Lee Perry in 1978 and that were issued on 7-inch singles in the Caribbean only. The ten songs featured on this album were all remixed in 1983 with additional recording by The Wailers, including the I-Threes on backing vocals. The songs CHANT DOWN BABYLON, JUMP NYABINGHI, MIX UP MIX UP and STIFF NAKED FOOLS were done in 1979, probably during the Survival sessions. The songs GIVE THANKS AND PRAISES and TRENCH TOWN were recorded in 1980, probably during the Uprising sessions.

The hit song BUFFALO SOLDIER, Marley's song that would reached the highest position in the British charts (No.4) was originally done for his friend King Sporty in Miami, in 1978. It is said that the song was re-recorded at the same session of BLACKMAN REDEMPTION and RASTAMAN LIVE UP! the same year. The song I KNOW, recorded during the Rastaman Vibration sessions, was released shortly after Bob Marley passed away. This was one of Bob Marley's last request to The Wailers bassist Familyman Barrett.

The only single that was issued for this album in Jamaica was: BUFFALO SOLDIER, if we ommit the singles that were issued prior to the release of the album (BLACKMAN REDEMPTION, RASTAMAN LIVE UP!, I KNOW and TRENCH TOWN). The only single that was issued in UK was: BUFFALO SOLDIER.

The remastered edition has a nice 12-page booklet , compared to the unapropriate and deceiving 8-page booklet included in the initial 1988 CD edition (re-issued until the Remastered Edition came out in 2001).
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