Here are the PDF documents below for my 5 years of research. You will need Acrobat Reader to see these documents. I might update these documents so look for the VERSION number when you revisit the page.

The first PDF has the complete list of songs in alphabetical order, including the versions, the dub plates, the remixes and the overdubbs. In the appendix section, you will find The Wailers collaboration with other artists, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer solo songs and The Soulettes songs all from the 1962-1972 era.

The second PDF is a detailed list of albums, where to find these songs and how to avoid duplicate.

The third PDF is the study of the new 1967-1972 discography recently issued by Universal Music. The study includes a comparison of the remastering sound with
the initial JAD discography.

The fourth PDF is a check list for the complete 1962-1972 area.

List of Songs 62-72.....(150 pages).. (LAST UPDATE: September 2009).. (version 3.0).. (2.0 meg)

List of Albums 62-72
.....(76 pages).. (LAST UPDATE: November 2009).. (version 2.3).. (848 k)

JAD/Universal Discography
.....(10 pages).. (LAST UPDATE: May 2006).. (version 1.1)...(584 k)

Comprehensive Check List
.....(15 pages) ..(LAST UPDATE: September 2009) ..(version 3.0).. (112 k)